Workshop by Jon Tombre

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Together with the Free Theatre Alliance, Ibsen International presents this devising, physical and improvisational methods workshop: according to director Jon Tombre: loperjenten-04Welcome to a workshop where methods of creating are explored. How to open the body and mind and get the room moving? How to lead and be led by what the process gives us instead of being prefixed on the result?
How to work in a creative dialogue between performers and director? Jon Tombre has many years of experience from innovate artistic practice. Crossing artistic boundaries and mixing both art forms and cultures is one of his most prominent trademarks as a director.


Rehearsals “Monkey Stories”, 10 – 19 Novmber (excluding 12-13), 10:00 – 18:00 at 77 Rehearsal Space ; Open workshop, 12 – 13 November (12:00 – 16:00) at Free Theatre Alliance (No. 100 Court Yard, Dongsishitiao Jia, Dongcheng District)


Three actors in Jon Tombre’s new work “MONKEY STORIES – IT COULD BE ANYONE’S STORY” are also participating in the workshop. MONKEY STORIES, which will premiere in Norway on 18 January 2017. “Monkey Stories” is a performance based on excerpts from 8 texts created during in NEW TEXT, NEW STAGE II (NTNS). loperjenten-01Three sessions of playwrights workshop “New texts, new stage” have been organized by Ibsen International since 2013. In SESSION 1: Selected young playwrights from China and Norway were invited to take part in the workshop and were required to submit one of their works, which they would like to work on. Then they were divided into two groups consisting of one Chinese and one Norwegian writer, lead by experienced dramaturges. SESSION 2: A workshop on directing: selected texts will be assigned to promising directors from China and Norway whom, under the guidance of international experts, will experiment with the mice-en-scene of the plays. SESSION 3: Stage the full-scale performances. Similar to the acclaimed “NIGHT SHITFT”, “Monkey Stories” is a further development of NTNS: when we move from the texts we created, to a stage production.

JON TOMBRE  is a director educated in Paris ajon-tonbre-profile-picnd Oslo with more than 60 performing arts productions. His main focus is contemporary theatre, he has staged a wide range of international and Norwegian contemporary writers as Jon Foss, Sam Sheppard, David Harrower, the Presnyakov brothers and Günter Grass . His performances are dedicated to experimentation and exploration of the fine boarders between theater, dance, visual arts and music. His work consists in large scale of collaboration with artists from hiphop, new circus, indigenous cultures as Maya and Sapmi, as well as dancers, writers, jazz musicians and installation artists. Jon Tombre has carved a niche for himself in the world of explorative theatre. He has several times been nominated to the Norwegian Hedda Prize and in 2014 and 2016 he was acclaimed with the Critics prize of Norway.

Free Theatre Alliance is an independent organization founded by 4 independent theater practitioners (Su Xiaogang, Sun Yangyang, Diao Wei, Liu Zheng) in April 2016. The group aims to diversify the theatrical works by offering a platform for experimental and independent theater works, including or crossing multiple art forms.
As partners, FTA and Ibsen International share the same artistic vision and practices to pave the way for collaborations between the two.One of the main point of the joint press-release was the launch of the 123 Theatre Project, a platform to promote independent performers and theater artists. For three days a week (Monday to Wednesday), Qinglan Theater will be available to independent companies and artists completely for free, and the whole amount of box-office revenues will be given to the invited company. This initiative is thought as an alternative support platform for fringe artists who, without any institutional support, struggle to find space and means to continue their artistic research.

Photos from LØPERJENTEN rekonstruert (RUNNING GIRL – reconstructed) created by Jon Tombre, premiere October 21 Den Nationale Scenen – Bergen, Norway