Web Traffic A Multimedia Dance Theatre

Jan.5-7th, 2018

Shanghai International Dance Center 

Duration : 60 min 

Creative Team: 

Concept: Jiang Fan, Zhuang Jiayun 

Playwright, Dramaturge: Zhuang Jiayun 

Choreographer: Jiang Fan

Music Design: A Ming

Light Design/Stage Design:  Edwin van Steenbergen 

Visual Design: Yao (爻) Multi-media Studio 

Costume Design: Xu Congting 

Performers: Jiang Fan, Edwin van Steenbergen, A Ming 

Technician: Xu Xiangen

Stage Manager: Cai Siqi

Graphic Design: Pang Zhengye

Promotion: Li Nuoya, Han Chenyi 

Photography: Yin Xuefeng, Huang Zhihao, Yang Yang

Video Documentary: Li Xinmin, Zou Xueping, Huang Zhihao

Commissioned by Shanghai International Dance Center with the support from Ibsen International. 


Web Traffic cuts in the topic with the popularized symbol of online live streaming female host, in the form of multi-media and dancing theatre, with the aid of live broadcasting, touching the live streaming economy and its presentation mechanism. It also presents, through this interchangeable sub-cultural ecology and during the process of self realization of belonging and social-value, the parties of the seen and the seeing who are both sandwiched between reality and illusion.

In Web Traffic, the hostess Liu Xiaoliang and her team have struggled in the chain of live streaming industry under the fierce reshuffling pressure. The supervision system is raising the bar of censorship, commercial platform is hardening rules towards continuous live streaming, audiences are asking for upgraded interactive experiences——Liu Xiaoliang and her team are searching for rules to gain upper-hand in this game, in other words, searching for oneself.