Theatre as Alternative Media: Drama,Communication and Society

Theatre has always been an important means of communication and transforms crowds of theatregoers into an audience connected by a shared moment in front of the stage. As a form of communication and as an interpersonal medium of the moment, theatre brings about intellectual challenges for its viewers, turning them into a public that interpret the performance based on their own social and individual experiences.

This is a seminar where we have invited people from media, social studies and theatre to into possible connectionas between the disciplines and reflect on a crucial topic: how to collaborate in communication with each other and society?

Ibsen International has commissioned GHOSTS 2.0 (based on Henrik Ibsen’s play) in an exciting mix of live theatre and live video, directed by the Chinese promising new theatre director Chong Wang together with the Norwegian architect, scenographer and dramaturge Yngvar Julin. The focus is on Osvald (the young son who is returning to China after several years in New York) where he meets his mother, Miss Alving, who sent him away from home so he shouldn’t witness the darker side of his father’s life and personality. When Osvald returns to China he has to come to terms with the truth of a childhood that has been hidden from him.

The seminar has GHOST 2.0 as a backdrop for a relevant dialog between theatre, media and society.


Inger Buresund  – Artistic and Managing Director Ibsen International

Dai Jinhua  – Professor, Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture, Peking University

Helge Rønning – Professor, University of Oslo and author

Yngvar Julin  – Architect, scenographer and dramaturge

Bi Xiao  –  PhD, Communication University of China

Huihui Lai   –  Executive Manager, Penghao Theatre and Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival

Wang Chong  –  Artistic director of Theatre Du Rêve Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental

Organized by – Li Shubo and Fabrizio Massini
Interpreter – Zhang Cui