The Jon Fosse Project in China

Jon Fosse is Norway’s new Ibsen and his work also includes novels, poetry, essays and books for children. He is one of the most produced playwrights in the world and his plays have been translated into more than forty languages.

The Norwegian Playwright, Jon Fosse, was introduced to China for the first time in 2010 with the production Someone is Going to Come, translated by Lulu Zou, production by Shanghai Theatre Academy and commissioned by Ibsen International within the program Ibsen in China 2010.

The purpose of the project is to develop the knowledge of Jon Fosse’s plays and works in China through performances in Chinese, presentation of international productions, publishing of plays in Chinese, cooperation between Chinese and Norwegian artists and scholars, seminar, workshops and other relevant activity. Jon Fosse’s Chinese translator, Lulu Zou, is Ibsen International’s partner, and Shanghai Theatre Academy is the producer of the Chinese productions.

The Jon Fosse Project in China is part of Ibsen in China – a long-term project initiated and run by Ibsen International in cooperation with The Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

TTS Group ASA has been the exclusive partner within the commercial business sector for The Jon Fosse Project in China since 2011.

Bibliography – Jon Fosse


Og aldri skal vi skiljast (And Never we’ll be Parted) (1994)

Namnet (The Name) (1995)

Nokon kjem til å komme (Someone Is Going To Come) (1996)

Barnet (The Child) (1996 )

Mor og barn (Mother and Child) (1997)

Sonen (The Son) (1997) [3]

Natta syng sine songar (Night Sings its Songs) (1997)

Gitarmannen (The Guitar Man) Monolog (1999)

Ein sommars dag (A Summer’s Day) (1999)

Draum om hausten (Autumn Dream) (1999)

Sov du vesle barnet mitt (Sleep you little Child of mine) (2000)

Besøk (Visits) (2000 [3]

Vinter (Winter) (2000)

Ettermiddag (Afternoon) (2000)

Vakkert (Beauftiful) (2001)

Dødsvariasjonar (Deathvariations) (2001)

Jenta i sofaen (The Girl on the Sofa) (2002)

Lilla (Lilac) (2003)

Suzannah (2004)

Dei døde hundane (The Dead Dogs) (2004)

Sa ka la (2004)

Varmt (Warm) (2005)

Svevn (Sleep) (2005)

Rambuku (2006)

Skuggar (Shadows) (2006)

Eg er vinden (I Am the Wind) (2007)


Raudt, svart (Red, black) Novel (1983)

Stengd gitar (Closed Guitar) Novel (1985, 1992, 1997)

Blod. Steinen er (Blood. The stone is) Novella (1987)

Naustet (The boat-house) Novel (1989, 1991, 1997, 1998, 2001)

Flaskesamlaren (The Bottle-collector) Novel (1991)

Bly og vatn (Lead and water) Novel (1992)

To forteljingar (Two Tales) Novellas (1993)

Prosa frå ein oppvekst (Prose from a Growing-up). Short prose (1994)

Melancholia I. Novel (1995, 1997, 1999 (English translation: Melancholy)

Melancholia II. Novel (1996, 1997, 1999)

Eldre kortare prosa med 7 bilete av Camilla Wærenskjold (Older shorter prose with 7 pictures of Camilla Wærenskjold) Short prose (1998)

Morgon og kveld (Morning and Evening) Novel (2000, 2001)

Det er Ales (This is Ales) Novel (2004, 2005)

Andvake (Sleepless) Novella (2007)


Engel med vatn i augene (1986)

Hundens bevegelsar (1990)

Hund og engel (1992)

Dikt (1986–1992) Revidert samleutgåve (1995)

Nye dikt (1991–1994 (1997)

Dikt (1986–2001. Samla dikt. Lyrikklubben (2001)

Auge i vind (2003)


Frå telling via showing til writing (1989)

Gnostiske essay (1999)

Honours and awards

Nynorsk Literature Prize (1988)

Aschehoug Prize (1997 )

Dobloug Prize (1999 )

Norsk kulturråds ærespris (2003)

Nynorsk Literature Prize (2003)

Brage Prize (2005)

Commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav (2005)

The Swedish Academy’s nordiska pris (2007)

The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs’ Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (2007)

Chevalier of the Ordre national du Mérite of France (2007)

Ibsen Awards 2010