I Disappear Premiere in Beijing

Voices from the North2018 – Norwegian Contemporary Playwriting Series

Venue, Date and Time:  Beijing Penghao Theatre,  at 19:30 on  July 28th  and 29th  2018.

Director: Victoria Meirik

Playwright: Arne Lygre


Liu Dan–I 

Wang Hong – My Friend

Huang Jingxuan – My Friend’s Daughter/A Female Stranger

Zhang Xiaochen – My Husband


Lighting operator: Jia Nan

Music Design: Wen Lvyuan

Costume Assistant: Song Lin

Graphic Design: Dynamic Wang

Script Translator:Yang Zhiyan

Script Proofreading: Zou Wenyan

Photographer: Cao Diao

Producer: Fabrizio Massini

Executive Producer:Jennifer Zhang

I Disappear by Arne Lygre won The Norwegian Ibsen Award 2013. With I Disappear Arne Lygre ensures his position as one of our most interesting playwrights.

Two women, Me and My friend, must hastily leave their country. Little will be said of the political background. For Lygre’s favourite subject is the fragility of the Self one is creating – precarious, worn down by buried memories, haunted by other possible lives. In order to ward off what is threatening them, all along their flight, Me and My friend invent strange role plays. Lygre’s playful and compelling writing tirelessly interlinks urgent situations with phantasmagorical scenarios.

“I disappear by Arne Lygre moves through a dark landscape with a female I, her girlfriend, daughter and husband. The world described is uncertain bordering the threatening. The woman is caught in a life situation, an existential crisis, she is reflecting upon. Arne Lygre uses different narrative perspectives in his examination of our time’s constant staging of one’s own identity. The form mirrors the content in an elegant, suggestive and intellectual way. The text is open as well as mysterious with many changing landscapes.