Dance Dramaturgy Workshop

Dance Dramaturgy Workshop Intensive Training I & II

Curated by: Thomas Shaupp, Fabrizio Massini

Produced by: Ibsen International

Supported by:

Goethe-Institut China 

Followed by the “Contextualizing Dance Dramaturgy- Workshop Series ” happened during the December 2oth til January 4th over 2017-2018 in China across Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou, Ibsen International, together with Goethe-Institut China moved steps further by continuing another two rounds of Dance Dramaturgy Workshops in Beijing consecutively  at August 27th – September 2nd (DDW I )  and at October 30th-November 1st (DDW II ), with a semi-public presentation as the end finale, enclosing a journey between German Dance Dramaturge Thomas Schaupp with a group of talented and upcoming Chinese choreographers, leaving a legacy of  dramaturgical working mode in a Chinese dance and choreographic scene and triggering possible potential international productions.

The workshop itself highlights the core priority underlying the program of Ibsen International, who experiments and pioneers the local embracement of dramarturgy not only as a methodology but also as a way of engagement.